Hey there! My name is Thierry Rehorst, 24 years of age at the time of writing (September 2015), and I am a game developer! Ever since I first touched a computer back in the late 90’s I have been fascinated by how they work. When I found out about the internet I became even more interested in the how they work. Although it would not be until a few years later when I started high school in 2003/2004 that I actually learned how to program, starting with basic websites at the time.

During the time I also got a huge interest in computer games, dreaming of one day being able to create them on my own, or with a group of others. However I took a minor detour into web-development before starting to write plugins for the minecraft server Bukkit in 2010/2011 with some ups and downs until 2014. Then in 2014 I finally started my current education (Game Technology & Producing (Now renamed to Game Engineering)) at the Saxion University of Applied Sciences.

But enough about me! On this website I will present some of my work, although most of it will not be shown in a runnable state due to the nature of how code works! 🙂