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Core Engine

Posts in this category are all about the inner workings of the core engine that manages all.

Developing the public API

Public API == Boring API The public API has to be light weight, easy to use and most of all it should be a very expandable system. However, it is also something that is not that much effort to create nor too interesting to build. As my horribly UML diagram skills will proof in the following diagram! :D The idea for the working of the API on the engine side is simple: Module creates ...
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Designing the core engine

Setting the conditions of satisfaction As stated in the introduction, the core engine should be fully modular. This means that it should only contain a few bare-bone components and leave the rest up to separate plugins/libraries to implement. To do this some sort of API is required, which should preferably be cross platform, but for now can be windows only. Aside from this, the engine should be...
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