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Operation New Earth

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Man kind needs a new earth, but even there the wars to decide who shall own it continue!


The Game
Operation New Earth is a 2 player split screen game build for the Ultimate Arcade Controller, where players dogfight their way to air superiority.


Operation New Earth was developed as a student project for the Saxion University of Applied Science in 3 weeks. The time frame required many planned features to be scrapped from the game.

Aside from this the game had to be build for the Ultimate Arcade Controller, a controller for people with physical disabilities, with the requirement that 2 people could play on 1 controller. This greatly limitted the amount of input available, and this unfortunately is visible in the controlling of the game. The further limitating factor being that the game had to be playable for people with only 1 arm made the game very simple, and quite far from our original ideas.

My Role

For this project my role was that of Lead Programmer, this meant that most of my work was in doing code reviews of the other programmers, it also made me the bridge between artists and programmers.

Aside from the code reviews I also wrote some code myself, this includes the code that allowed for the controls to be easily remapped in game.


You can download the game for Windows here for the XBOX controller, here for the Ultimate Arcade Controller, or create your own build using the source code obtainable here(xbox controller version).

System Requirements

  • A computer running Windows
  • 2 XBOX 360 controllers(*)
  • 800MB of free storage device space

(*) The Ultimate Arcade controller version obviously requires 1 ultimate arcade controller instead!

The team

Ahnille Christiaans
Level Designer
Curt Croeze
Audio designer
John Keane
Game Designer
Todor Malakchiev
3D Modeller & Animator
Mark Niemeijer
Thierry Rehorst
Lead Programmer