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Welcome to another round of R.A.D Games! Where your totally unsuspecting contestants fight to death in VR! Will you be our next contestant on the show?!


The Game

R.A.D is a game in which the player takes part in a game show, the game gives the player a simple choice every couple waves. Fight to the death to attempt to gain a higher score, although dying of course yields a score penalty, or abort and take the score at the present moment.

The goal of R.A.D is to ultimately survive as long as possible in a cave full of radioactive waste material, while fighting waves of mutated radioactive creatures that are out for the radioactive waste. Of course, the true goal is to obtain a score as high as possible to make it to the high score board.


R.A.D Games was developed as a student project for the Saxion University of Applied Science in 8 weeks. The time frame required many planned features to be scrapped from the game.

Aside from this the game had to be build for the HTC Vive, however with only 1 machine capable of running games for the Vive and this computer requiring to be shared with other groups of students, testing time was also a limitting factor.

Developing for the HTC Vive also required a completely new mindset for developing games, as it requires way higher levels of emersion to feel correct. This ultimately means that many old tricks to hide certain things from the player are no longer as easy to do!

My Role

For this project my role was that of Lead Programmer, this meant that most of my work was in doing code reviews of the other programmers, it also made me the bridge between artists and programmers.

Aside from the code reviews I also wrote some code myself, this includes the code that makes the guns work, the tutorial code is also from my hand. Furthermore I created several Unity Editor scripts to simplify the work required from the level designer. And finally I simply performed many bugfixes in the code of the other (And my own) programmers.

Dutch Game Awards 2016 nominee


You can download the game for Windows here, or create your own build using the source code obtainable here.

System Requirements

  • A computer running Windows
  • An HTC Vive (*)
  • 1GB of free storage device space

(*) The game is optimized for a RoomScale VR setup of 4×3 meters but it will work with smaller spaces too!

The team

Ahnille Christiaans
Level Designer
Curt Croeze
Audio designer
Elwin Fransz
John Keane
Game Designer
Todor Malakchiev
3D Modeller & Animator
Mark Niemeijer
Thierry Rehorst
Lead Programmer